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shop drawing coordination

Progressive shop drawing coordination is crucial for the

accomplishment of the milestones in construction projects.   facade design manager 

carries out a hands on management

for a smooth shop drawing execution of building

envelope systems thanks to its repetitive success in large

scale constructions.

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what we offer

facade shop drawings
Facade BIM

construction phase

scope of services

Review of interfacing designs such as main structure, steel works and many others.

Checking the compliance of the facade and roof design with the interfacing designs.

Execute the design coordination to ensure the correct integration of the systems.

Shop drawing reviews of interfacing designs against the facade and roof systems and vice versa.

Managing the RFIs , letters and other communications.

Coordination with the consultants, client and other contractors until the approval of shop drawings.

facade BIM coordination
Roof BIM Design

BIM Coordination

scope of services

Checking the BIM models to ensure the compliance with the system design and interface design.

Review of the BIM models and manage the shop drawing design coordination through BIM environment. 

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Terminal Building

Istanbul, TURKEY

Designed as a transportation hub, Istanbul Airport T1 is among the largest construction projects of the world. Custom designed unitized CWS , stick system CWS . dome skylight systems  and modular roof steel structure system with a vaulted ceiling , each being large spanning enclosures are developed in collaboration with teams of designers and engineers which was an intricate process due to design-build concept of the construction,

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