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schematic design

Schematic design of the facade and roof systems play a crucial role in the  exterior appearance of the buildings and consequently reflects the architectural expression of the designer's vision. 

facade design manager 

assists the designers in the implementation of the design intent into the design documents. 


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what we offer

facade BIPV design

design implementation

scope of services

Setting up of the facade and roof geometry

Definition of opaque and transparent areas of the building enclosure.

Configuration of the facade / roof / skylight system build-ups and components like sun screen, louvers, PV systems etc.

Investigation of the cladding materials and derivation of the facade modulations.

Production of schematic drawings , design reports and design specifications.

facade BIM model

design modelling

scope of services

Management of the modelling team to ensure the CGIs represent the design intend.

Management of physical modelling team.

Management of the BIM Modelling team and QA/QC.

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Head Office


Taegutec Head Office building is composed of an elevated randomly screened glazed mass of office areas on top a fully glazed ground floor and a floating exposed concrete mass of a conference hall.

Elevated box is glazed with a single row of capless stick system with IGUs and ACPs at the bottom and top, all of which are screened by a series of aluminium single span tubes each varying in form.

Ground floor is glazed with capped curtain wall system.

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