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Facade Design and Engineering

  facade design manager

combines latest software technologies with the facade expertise to achieve the most sustainable facade design for your project. 


keeps supporting clients during the tender stage through a dilligent expert eye on your project.

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what we offer

Abstract Architecture
Abstract Architecture

Facade Design and Engineering

scope of services

Design and Detailing of facade systems

  • Custom aluminum extrusion design

  • Rainscreen facade system design

  • EIFS - External Insulated Facade System design

  • Roof cladding system design

  • Insulated facade/roof system design

  • Unitized curtain wall system design

  • Window wall system design

  • Stick curtain wall system design

  • Skylight system design

  • Canopy structures design

  • Structural design of facades and supporting frames

Performance assessment of facade systems

  • ​Facade Structural Anaysis

  • Facade Thermal Analysis

  • Facade Acoustical Analysis

  • Embodied Carbon Analysis

  • Co2 Emission Analysis

  • Facade and Roof CFD Analysis

Access and Maintenance Design


  • Facade and Roof Access Strategy advice

  • BMU (Building maintenance unit) advice

  • Rope Access Assessment Report

  • Fall Protection Syatem Design

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Terminal Building

Istanbul, TURKEY

Istanbul Airport Terminal 1 features with being the largest aviation development of its time. Project consists of unitized system, stick system, ,add on system, rain screen facade types.

Design development and construction design, BIM coordination, shop drawing review services were provided.


Client: IGA

SD: Nordic-Haptic

DD: Scott Brownrigg-Fonksiyon

CD: Fonksiyon

SD: Fonksiyon

Facade Consultancy: Wintech-GFEC

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